I'll take a run with this.  I've been in contact with David Hemmingway a
while back, and he referred me to someone at Polaroid, who never got
back to me.  Now that there seems to be a demand for these brushed, I'll
do some research and see if I can track them down.  I also thought of
Microtek, but I have a feeling them may be less responsive than
Polaroid, even if Polaroid is basically gone ;-)

I'll keep people informed of what I discover.


Tony Sleep wrote:

>On 18/02/2008 Arthur Entlich wrote:
>>Now that I know there are several people experiencing the same
>>I will try to see if I can find a source or if Polaroid still has
>>anything going.
>Info posted to this list a long time back indicates it's part number
>CPS546 and available on request from Polaroid Tech support on 800-432-5355
>800 numbers aren't do-able from UK so I never did.
>Tony Sleep

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