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I have lurked in this group for years and have always appreciated your posts. I 
taken a series of shots of the brush assembly and instructions and placed
them in a PDF of about 1 MB. I will send them to you directly, and to anyone
else who is interested--unless there is someplace that I can upload them
for general viewing.

The basic instructions are to attach the brush to only the slide carrier, shut 
off the scanner,
and then push the carrier all the way through three times.


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Sounds good.  I think I will try the pipe cleaner approach without the
carrier, to make sure I don't disrupt anything.  I can see the area the
carrier goes through around that fin or groove, and I also see some
insulated wires which are probably the connections to the sensor that
needs cleaning, so I will try to clean in that area with a pipe cleaner
or something similar.




>Yes, the camera I have was bought for another purpose and I didn't
>care that its macro capability is poor.
>What comes to mind is a long pipe cleaner that fits well in the
>channel. All you need to do is drop the front door and you can see
>the channel quite clearly. Choose the appropriately-sized pipe
>cleaner and go to it.

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