I can't directly help you with your request, but I can tell you that as
someone who has several of my email addresses out there in the public,
that the last few months things have gone absolutely crazy with spam.  I
do not directly publish my email address in a normally readable format,
but a particularly annoying troll on one newsgroup I reply a great deal
to, decided to "out" my email address and all heck broke loose.  SO much
so that the forwarding service I use was blocked by my ISP as a major
spam source, and it too 4 weeks to straighten it out.

Spam is going to destroy text communications on line if some heavy
hammers don't start coming down.  I know it is huge business, and some
countries will never do anything to thwart "entrepreneurship", but this
is getting insane.  In that one account I am averaging over 300 spam
emails a day now, and if it were not for the spam filters I have built
plus the one provided by my ISP, I could not provide the on-line
services I do.

Things are truly out of control now with spam.  I don't know who
responds to spam, such that it is even worth generating, but obviously
enough people do to make it "worthwhile" to distribute.

It's a real mess...


> I don't know why my email address shows on the replies I made to this
> board but other people's don't, but the result has been that I am
> being inundated with spam.
> This address is used *only* for this scanner forum, and the spam
> started immediately after my first reply.
> Due to the spam, I will be abandoning the address in a couple of
> days. I would, however, like to know how I can subscribe to the list
> in such a manner that my email address is *not* exposed whenever I
> decide to say something.
> I will properly unsubscribe before abandoning the email address, but
> I am delaying its demise until Tony or someone else who knows the
> answer to my question has a chance to respond.
> Thank you.

Unsubscribe by mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], with 'unsubscribe filmscanners'
or 'unsubscribe filmscanners_digest' (as appropriate) in the message title or 

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