I try to steer the Mac users I know to open source multi-platform
programs like Thunderbird for email, Firefox for browsing, etc. It makes
it easier to help them. Thunderbird has a simple filtering scheme
(rules). There was a recent hackers event that broke into a Mac Air in
two minutes using flaws in Safari. Since firefox runs on a Mac, why used
closed source software that is poorly tested? At the same conference,
they hacked MS Vista using a flaw in Flash, a program for the life of me
I would never shove down the throats of anyone visiting my website. The
only unhacked machine was running Ubuntu linux.

Since I own a domain, I make email accounts on the fly. I have one
strictly for an email alert service that I never use for email. Yet
somehow once in a blue moon, a bit of spam comes through on it. I have
one for paypal, and it gets the occasional spam. Needless to say the
account used for mailing lists is full of spam. The same with my
personal email account thanks to well meaning people that send me the
occasional e-greeting card.

Sam McCandless wrote:
> Thanks, Tony, for doing what you can about the spam problem.
> And please feel free to suggest what we might do to help make it less
> of a problem.
> It's actually only a very minor nuisance for me, but I have no idea
> why that is, unless it's because I've been on Mac's and done what I
> can to help their e-mail clients train their filters. My current
> Mac's client is Apple Mail, but previously Eudora did at least as
> well, and I suspect software more resourceful than either -
> MailSmith? - might do even better at some incremental expense. But my
> Mac consultant uses Mail himself, which I think will make it quicker
> and easier to get help from him if I ever need it. So far I haven't
> even though none of this stuff is very intuitive for me.
> I don't offer up this testimonial to encourage switching, but I can
> imagine adding a Mac Mini or MacBook to a Windows-centric setup just
> to try to largely isolate the rest of the system from e-mail and web
> browsing.
> --
> Sam
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