On 31/03/2008 Sam McCandless wrote:
> And please feel free to suggest what we might do to help make it less
> of a problem.

Most ISP's offer spam filtering, usually based on Spamassassin or similar,
and that works well. Sometimes free, sometimes an additional low cost.
Always worth asking because quite often they don't bother to tell users
it's available.

If not, an easy (but not free) way is to run all your incoming mail
through a spam interception service  http://www.emailfiltering.co.uk/

Or you can run software locally on your home machine.
http://www.spamcop.com lists and compares several (Mailwasher,
Spamcatcher, etc)

The problem with any of these is that any anti-spam takes a certain amount
of time and trouble to keep filters up to date, and maintain black and
white lists.

Another possibility is to set up a Gmail or Yahoo account purely for lists
and anywhere you think might lots of spam. They include filtering. Hotmail
do too, but it's deranged and it frequently causes insoluble problems
preventing legitimate mail getting through. Hotmail filtering is 2-stage,
a user-controllable bit which is fine, and a system-wide bit nobody can
control, disposing of incoming mail silently. Hotmail is unsupported on
this list and many others because of this; you can use it of you want
(many people do), but if you have problems my response will be limited to
'I told you so':)


Tony Sleep

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