Thanks, Tony.

The lamp comes on immediately with the power button.  There's a split-second
of what might be a motor but seems more likely to be a relay driven by the
power switch.  I tried the Polaroid cleaning brush but to no effect.  SCSI
connectors seem OK and re-seating them also had no effect.  It's the same
for changing termination status & SCSI ID.

For people who've opened up their SS4000s, what did you use to unclip the 4
fasteners on the bottom?  Gently working them with a screwdriver looks like
one way to go.

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On 22/04/2008 Bob Geoghegan wrote:
> I turned on my SprintScan 4000 for the first time in about a year
> today.
> The 2 LEDs light up instantly with no flashing from the yellow one
> and there
> are no motor noises.

Check your SCSI and power cable connectors. I'm not sure the 4000
initialises if the SCSI is detached.

Otherwise, is the lamp on, visible through the front slot? It should light
immediately when you press the power button, and if the bulb is blown I
doubt it's going to go through initialisation.


Tony Sleep

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