Norm Carver wrote:
> Since I have hundreds of 6x6 negs and color to digitize and am frustated by
> the slowness of film scanners in general I have recently begun copying negs
> with my new Canon 5D-II (22 meg).
> After some comparitive tests with 4000dpi scans on the Nikon 8000 I can say
> the follwing:
> 1. B&W 300dpi prints on Epson 3800 enlarged to equal 50" x 50" are
> indistinguishable
> 2. The copies tend to be sharper corner to corner  than scans (used Canon
> 50mm  macro @ f11)
> 3. The time is cut to at least 1/3 (there is a slght more batch processing
> time going from RAW to Mon
> 4. There is no doubt the scans have more data and I would go that way for
> difficult images or huge prints.
> So am I delusional according died-in-the-wool scanners?

Hi Norm, those findings are interesting.

Can you tell us a bit more? -- in particular, how did you hold the
negative flat and square for the camera, and what sort of lighting did
you use.

(I have some old 35mm black and white negs shot on Ilford HP5 pushed a
stop or so. These produce a lot of grain aliassing on my Nikon 2700spi
scanner, so I'm keen to try other ways to digitise them. I have done
some quick and dirty experiments with Canon 5d (Mark I), Canon FD Auto
Bellows, 50mm FD macro lens, and slide copier attachment. The results
looked hopeful, but I have not had time to refine the method.)

Peter Marquis-Kyle

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