Obviously there is a break-even point where the film plus
 development plus scanning will exceed the cost of the di
gital camera. To reach the quality of the better Canon bo
dies, say 5d mark II or 1 mark III, you need to shoot Ast
ia. The film is pretty cheap in propacks. 

Digital would
 have a few advantages. Higher ISO versus 100 for Astia.
If you don't shoot any action, the higher ISO would be of
 no benefit. Digital has more flexibility in the number o
f frames shot. 

Now that Canon has a 21 Mpixel body for
$2700, I think digital is the way to go.  When you had to
 pay $8k for the body, film made more sense.

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h Coast Photo E-6 w/ scanning?
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I wonder if anyone has had positive experience with Nor
th Coast Photo. I just got a test roll back.

Ken Rockwel
l (love him or hate him) mentioned them on his website. I
f you request scanning at the time of slide processing, t
hey will do "enhanced" scanning for an additional $11.95
plus the cost of developing your E-6 film.

The slides ar
e scanned to 3339x5035, which to my calculations means th
ey are scanning at just about 4000 dpi. You get a box of
mounted transparencies and a CD in return mail.

The scan
s were extraordinarily clean--not much time to collect du
st if they are scanned at processing. I am not 100% sure
how much better they are than what I get from my SS4000.

He advocates this as a cheap alternative to buying new d
igital cameras every few years. Just buy a film camera wi
th a 20 year life span and scan all your slides.

The tot
al cost for the single roll was US$ 8.25 for processing +
 11.95 + 4.95 return postage + 0.79 postage to get it the
re and $8 for the film, for a total of $34 for the roll--
or roughly a dollar per shot.

Has anyone else used their
 scanning? As my SS4000 gets crankier, I am not intereste
d in replacing it.



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