I think raid 0 is probabaly as safe as it gets. Once you
spread the data, then I agree things could get exciting.
There is a chance of the OS peeing on your data.

I hav
e a Seagte external for backup, but I have nothing that c
an handle 3T. However it took me a while to fill up the 6
00 Gbytes on my system. (Four 300G drives in RAID 10.)

I finally went digital with a 5D Mark II, so I figure I
will be filling the drives at a faster rate. Live View is
 certainly better than a magnifier on the viewfinder. 
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On 26/02/2009 li...@lazygranch.com wrote:
I just bought three 1.5 terrabyte drives

RAID can add
resilience but no way can it be considered safe, so don't

forget the other 4!

Here I have:
3 x 1TB RAID3 = 2T
2 x 1TB for backup (on another LAN PC)
2 x 1TB for of
fsite backup.

So that's 7 x 1TB for 2TB of storage. I
don't trust HDD's much.


Tony Sleep

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