I'm ageeeing on using LWZ tiffs.

JPEG2000 has a number o
f vendors that support it. Perhaps it is not popular with
 photographers, but it is used in GIS. I use the compress
or from ECW. You can view JPEG2000 in Irfanview. 

If the
 owners ligthened up on royalties so that browsers could
use JPEG2000, it would become the standard. 

I'm not sur
e there will ever be the day where a format can't be conv
erted. Bits are bits. Hardware issues, sure, but if you h
ave the data, you will be able to convert it.

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From my understanding JPEG 2000 is a dead fish in terms
of support and
adoptions.  If my understanding is correct
, you would wind up with orphaned
files that neither you
nor anyone else would be able to open and read in the
ure; not good for archives. :-)  The standard JPEG and th
e TIFF are at
least universal and established formats tha
t are supported by almost all
programs and are likely to
be so in the future.

>You are should do the LWZ tiff.

 am not sure what you are trying to say here.

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You can JPEG2000, which h
as a lossless option. I would have to research it,
but I
think it only uses 8 per color. You are should do the LWZ

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