Actually, encryption these days is hard to break. Just as
k the NSA. (It is more cost effective to bribe to get the
 data.) Even password protection is hard to break. Some d
isgruntled San Francisco employee refused to give up a pa
ssword. Experts spent weeks trying to get around the pass
word. The employee went to jail and still wouldn't give i
t up. Eventually the employee, while still in his cell, h
ad a one on one with the mayor and gave up the password.

There is some question regarding the longevity of driv
es that are not running. Much like a car that sits idle f
or years, will it work. There is a technology known as MA
ID, which IIRC stands for massive array of idle drives.

Library science is a lot more than cataloging these day
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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 11:48:13
To: <>
Subject: [filmscanners] RE
: Advice on scanner settings

Encryption can be done lo
cally; but what can be encrypted can be unencrypted
if s
omeone really wants to.  Given the rash of allegedly secu
re information
that has managed to get publically distri
buted these days with respect to
major supposedly high s
ecurity operations such as banks, corporations,
ntal agencies that have lost confidential secure data, I
would not
dismiss security as being not much of an issue

Of course there is always the problem of the hard dr
ives and storage
facilities at these online off-location
 data storage operations going bad,
going down when you
need to retrieve the data, or just getting corrupted
pite any and all precautions.

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Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Advice
 on scanner settings

Security isn't much of an issue t
hese days since you coul
d encrypt locally. Goin out of
business is very likely. M
ediastor was in the same busi
ness and went under.

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m: "LAURIE SOLOMON" <lau...@ad

Date: Th
u, 26 Feb 2009 10:23:29
To: <l>
bject: [filmscanners] RE: Advice
on scanner settings
>I'd like to point out that I neve
r had a Seagate produ
ct fail. Of
>course, that could be
luck. They come with
 5 year warranties.

I have had a c
ouple of them go b
ad; but I have had a number of brands g
bad.  Hard dr
ives after all are mechanical devices; an
d their intern
al parts
do wear out, do get damaged, and
do get overhe
ated. Some brands go bad
sooner than others
 even if th
ey have extended long warrantees.  When they d
it is
a pain to send them back for warrantee service a
nd to l
ose the data on

>The offsite service is
in the event of fire or theft.

Yes, except if th
ey g
o out of business or have security issues, which are

istinct possibilities in this day and age.  Like so man
y others, I have
found that many services offer good rat

es and terms, good service and
security, and the like
en they are new and trying to establish themselves
nd a
 client base.  However after the introductory offer
 or pe
riod, things
change with pricing going up, terms
g, service and security
declining, etc.  By th
en, you ca
n terminate your service or move to a
ent online s
torage operation if things change to your d
isliking; but

they count on the inconvenience factor a
nd inertia to ke
ep you even if
things change for the w
orst.  Most people
 overstay their welcome due to the
nconvenience of movi
ng their data from those storage fa
cilities to new ones
or purchasing additional drives to
store the data on at h
ome or at an
external location l
ike a bank vault.

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: filmscanners_ow...@halft
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ay, February 26, 2009 2:05 AM

Subject: [filmscanners] Re:
Advice on scanner setting

I'd like to point out that
I never had a Seagate pr
oduct fail. Of
course, that coul
d be luck. They come w
ith 5 year warranties.

Of course
, I probably just cu
rsed one of my drives by mentioning I
no failures.
 I've built PCs for people that would s
pend the extra m
for a Seagate and had the drives ar
rive DOA. More
 than once mind you.
One was from IBM, and
 the other F
ujitsu, a company I thought had it's
act tog
If you get external drives, consider spending a
 bit mor
e and get esata.
I have this general distrust of
These people advertis
e he
avily on
I have
 no idea if the service is any good, but it is onli
ne o
storage, and relatively cheap. Offer code I b
ieve is Leo, but you
could just listen to any of his p
odcasts and get the code.

The offsite service is handy

 in the event of fire or theft.

Tony Sleep wro
> On 26/02/2009 wrote:
>> I
 bought three 1.5 terrabyte drives
> RAID can a
dd res
ilience but no way can it be considered safe, so
 forget the other 4!
> Here I have:
> 3 x
= 2TB
> 2 x 1TB for backup (on another LAN PC
> 2 x 1T
B for offsite backup.
> So that's 7 x 1T
B for 2TB of
storage. I don't trust HDD's much.
> --

> Regards

> Tony Sleep


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