The Vuescan IR is pretty good. However, I view film scanning like
playing a LP. At the very least, you need to blow off the dust.

Carlisle Landel wrote:
> Bunch,
> Wow!  The list lives!
> Thanks to all for the advice.
> Especiallly, thanks for the reminder that IR filtering doesn't work
> for Kodachrome.
> I've got the bulk slide feeder, so the plan is to simply drop a box
> of slides in and start it up, then go away and drop another in when I
> get to it.  I figure if I do a couple of boxes an evening, it'll
> eventually get done.
> I'm going with the "memory is cheap" theory and will use the 4000dpi
> TIFF settings.
> Best regards,
> Carlisle

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