RGBI would make sense for raw, but I assume you are going do to light IR

I'd would use neutral. It compensates a bit for the dynamic range of the

Personally, if I were to do what you are doing, i.e. batch scanning, I
would do it raw and RGBI TIFF. But if you just want to save RGB, put the
IR cleaning on light and use neutral.

Carlisle Landel wrote:
> Bunch,
> OK, the TB drive has been ordered, I'm almost ready to go.  A few
> more setting questions.
> TIFF file type:  The choices are 24, 48 and 64 bit RGBI.  Which one
> do I choose?
> Use a Vuescan color balance preset, or set to "none"?
> Thanks again for the help.
> Carlisle
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