On 04/06/2009 Charles Knox wrote:
> An extensive search for cold cathode tubes (including both Polaroid
> and
> Microtek) didn't bring up anything remotely like it.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Philips are the OEM of most scanner tubes, however identifying and
sourcing it may be difficult if it is unmarked. You may have to buy
through either Polaroid or Microtek. Polaroid
http://www.polaroid.com/service/index.jsp - use the 'Contact us' link I guess.

I have sourced lamps for a Microtek35 many years ago. Microtek was happy
enough to sell to an end user, but it was 3x the price of the Philips
part. The Microtek version had part of the tube painted black to cut
flare. I bought the Philips part, ordered through a Philips dealer, and
applied the paint myself and it worked fine.

Tony Sleep

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