SCSI is the hardware connection; there are no twain drivers for 64 bit OS.
You need the ASPI layer with SCSI for any Windows OS (32 or 64 bit) to
recognize the scanner as a hardware device ( I do not know about USB
connected scanners); but this is different from getting the scanner to work
which is different from getting the OS to recognize the hardware and
requires device drivers.  The traditional scanner and scanner drivers were
and are proprietary software connected twain drivers, which are only 32 bit
and will not work with 64 bit OSs.  Ed Hamrick by passes the twain driver
and has written his own drivers for scanners; they may be 64 bit capable.

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Ed Hamrick.would know the OS/software issues.

There i
s something funny about scsi and aspi. For X64, I had to
search the net and load some 3rd party ASPI stuff to run
my usb scanner. Yes, I know this doesn't make sense, but
I guess scsi is than a physical interface.

That pc is
 in pieces at the moment, but I can probably find the stu
ff I had to load once it is running again.

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On 13/06/2009 James L. Sims wrot
> With the support for my Polaroid Sprintscan 120 now
 unavailable, I am
> looking for a replacement.

an should resolve antique s/w issues on Windows, though S
CSI support
may become more awkward I believe ASPI drive
rs are available for Vista. On
Mac I don't know with cur
rent OSX, but similar was possible. Same applies
 Nikons etc.

Regarding physical service, I recently po
pped the lid off my Polaroid 4000
(4 lever tabs) as it s
eemed to have got rather flary and low contrast with
e strongly backlit slides that included bright background
s, despite
living under a dust cover when not in use.

Half a dozen  self-tappers later and I was able to remov
e the lamp holder
and the top of the film carrier carria
ge. I was then able to clean the
angled mirror with a DS
LR sensor swab - it was covered in a thick layer of
. Inspection with a torch showed the lens to be clean, re
flected in
the mirror. I then cleaned every trace of dus
t and dirt from the mechanism
surfaces I could get at, a
nd wiped and re-lubricated the helical carriage

Result : a total transformation! Scans bright
and clean, loads more shadow
detail - virtually everythi
ng in Kodachrome. No flare and colour much
easier to get
 spot on. The mechanism sounds happier for lubrication to
No more misfeeding neg carrier either, which the scan
ner has been
mistaking for the slide carrier half the ti
me, for about the last 4 years.
I wish I'd done it earli
er, as I now think I should really rescan quite a lot.

> Has anyone had any experience with Epson's
> V750M?
  The specs. look impressive if they hold up.

No exper
ience, but if I had the money I'd have bought one to scan
relatively small amount of 120 I have. From reading
 reviews the V750 is
very little different from the much
 cheaper V700. Lens coating seems very
slightly better a
nd you get Silverfast with the 750. Most important factor

appears to be stand-offs for the film carrier, which ca
n be improvised.
Personally I'd use Vuescan anyway.


Tony Sleep

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