On 14-Jun-09 09:02, Preston Earle wrote:
> So, after this discussion of drivers, etc., does anyone have any experience
> in actually using this scanner. I need to replace my ScanDual III so I can
> scan 40 or so rolls of old 35mm b&w negatives. Will this scanner scan 35-mm
> negs to give results similar to a filmscanner? I don't have any confidence
> that equipment specs will adequately answer that question and would like to
> hear some actual experience.

I cannot give you a definitive answer. The only film I have run through the 
Epson has been
very old negative stock and filmstrips that have been badly degraded by time. 
originals were not sharp.

I'm not sure where you could accomplish this but you need to run a sample of 
what you'll
be scanning on an Epson to be sure it will satisfy your requirements. ICE 
worked well
enough to eliminate superficial scratches but I had additional work in 
Photoshop to fully
restore accurate color. My restorations probably look better than the originals 
did. I
tried some samples on a borrowed Dimage ScanElite 5400 II and didn't like the 
compared to what I obtained from the Epson. If I needed extreme sharpness (not 
for the work I'm currently doing) I would have bought an Epson V750 instead of 
the V500.

There are a handful of websites that provide detailed objective reviews. I 
suggest no
relying on anyone's anecdotal evidence including mine.

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