From: "Tony Sleep" <>
On 14/06/2009 Preston Earle wrote:
> I need to replace my ScanDual III so I can
> scan 40 or so rolls of old 35mm b&w negatives. Will this scanner scan
> 35-mm
> negs to give results similar to a filmscanner?

According to at least one review I read, IIRC the answer was a qualified
'yes' for the V700/V750, at least for medium format - there was a direct
comparison with a Nikonscan 8000. See the V750 and V700 reviews at

FWIW, I found the DoF on the V700 to be very narrow, making film height and
flatness critical. At it's best, it's surprisingly close to the Nikon 8000,
but persuading the film to be flat without wet mounting might be hard.

David J. Littleboy
Tokyo, Japan

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