That works!  I didn't even notice the 4 screws securing the top of the carriage 
as they were black--not the same silver color as the other screws.

The top half of my mirror was dusty. The lens looks fine. I think my scans are 
better now.


---- Tony Sleep <> wrote:
> On 20/07/2009 Tony Sleep wrote:
> > There is a 3rd screw down a hole
> > (top rhs of the cover, as shown), and the 4th retains the cover over
> > the
> > stepper mechanism  - the slim rectangular box protuberance that your
> > LH
> > sketched blue line crosses. Essentially, there is a screw in each of
> > the 4
> > corners of the transport cover.
> On second thoughts this may be wrong, my memory seems to have holes in
> it... the 4th screw may not be in the stepper cover but also down a hole,
> bottom RH corner of the transport cover.
> Anyhow, one way or another there are 4 screws that retain that cover.
> --
> Regards
> Tony Sleep

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