On 28/09/2009 Karen and John Hinkey wrote:
> I managed to get my old SS4000 to work for a while and compared scans
> of
> the same slide between the SS4000 and 5000 ED and found that when
> using
> Vuescan the results were very similar regarding sharpness, although
> the
> raw image came out noticeably better with Vuescan.  I found that using
> NikonScan did not produce quite as sharp of scan for whatever reason.
> Anyone have hints as to why the NikonScan image was not quite as
> sharp?
> Did I have some basic parameter wrong?

The usual issue with Nikon scanners is focus. Their LED lightsource is not
as bright as other mfr's conventional lamps, which compels a faster lens
with shallower depth of focus. This makes Nikons sensitive to film flatness.

It's been years since I used Nikonscan but my recollection is that the
focus area was configureable - you could focus manually on any part of the
frame or set the scanner to autofocus on it. VS may just be making a
better automatic choice. But I am guessing. However I'd look at perhaps
changing the area that NS is set to use if it is indeed still possible.

I don't know whether VS supports the hopper, but do some research before
committing to it. All NS hoppers have a mixed reputation, for jamming and
misfeeding, and if I remember right, there is the additional limitation
that exposure used for the first slide is used for the entire batch.


Tony Sleep

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