The staff separators plug-in (on F2009) is great. I've always wanted to do this. However I am having a problem that the separators are also showing up on the linked parts. There are unwanted there, of course. I see no way to prevent them from being added to the individual parts.

Next best thing would be to make them unprintable. That is proving to be a problem too. You can't go to the linked parts and just delete them, because that deletes them from the score. I thought about setting them to white text, but evidently Finale doesn't allow me to change the font color. That seems like a really lame restriction. I thought at one point, Finale had properties attached to text times that would control whether or not a text item was printed. I can't find anything like that now.

I tried dragging the separators off the bottom of the pages on each of my linked parts. Even that doesn't work. When I turned the page into a PDF using PDFCreator, it ended us scaling my page down enough so that it could include those separator marks. D'oh

So what gives?  There surely must be a way to deal with this.
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