On 10 Jan 2011 at 12:56, John Howell wrote:

> Could you or someone please explain why both operating
> systems seem to be so hung up on "multiple users"?

Security. It's all about security.

You need multiple user accounts to handle partitioning of 
permissions. There may be only one user logon for a particular 
machine, but there are going to be different accounts involved. For 
instance, on Windows, there's a SYSTEM account that is used for 
various system-related activities. It's not one you see defined in 
the list of users, but it's a real account, nonetheless.

Any computer system needs to be partitioned into user-controlled data 
and system-controlled data (i.e., administratively-controlled) in 
order to maintain stability (early versions of Windows suffered from 
instability precisely because of too loose a structure in this 
regard, i.e., with plain users able to alter the OS and 

You would not like a system that was not structured without such 
segregation of data and permissions and security. It would be unsafe 
and harder to use than what you have.

What I would say about this is that an application like Finale where 
it's likely there will be user-edited templates, but that you'd want 
to retain the ability to use the original templates ought to have 
some kind of user interface to make it easy to manage your templates, 
i.e., a UI that would take care of storing the templates in the right 
locations so the user wouldn't need to be browsing the hard drive.

With a proper management UI, the user shouldn't really care where the 
templates are stored.

But I've never seen any software with templates that has made it 
really easy to manage templates. Of course, I also think the Finale 
template model is about 20 years out of date, but that's another 
issue entirely...

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