Hi all,

Getting set up with Mac Finale v25 for the first time, and it seems that there 
isn’t any way to shorten the Tool Palette?

I believe ever since I began using Finale (3.0), it has been possible to 
eliminate tools from the tool set by resizing it. I keep mine in a single 
horizontal strip, and would like to eliminate the (useless) Zoom Tool and Hand 
Grabber Tool from my Tool Palette. In every other version, I have done this by 
programming a custom tool set that those tools positioned to the far right of 
the palette, then dragging to the left to shorten the palette by two positions.

In v25, if I do this, the palette resizes itself into two horizontal rows. 
After that, you can shorten to your heart’s content, but unless I’m missing 
something, there does not seem to be any way to shorten the Tool Palette when 
it is a single horizontal strip.



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