Hello all,

I have just purchased v25 and started my first project with the new software.  
I am working with a piano duet (1 piano 4 hands).  I set it up with two piano 
staves grouped primo and secondo. 
The first part of the song is straight 8ths and most of the second part is 
swing.  The very last few measures revert to straight 8ths.  I put in the 
initial tempo marking (which is also set to control the playback tempo) and 
seems to work fine.  The problem occurs at the change to swing.   The tempo 
changes along with the change to swing (and again the playback tempo is 
controlled through the tempo marking).  I also added the notational swing 
values just after the new tempo mark.

Two Problems:

1:  The tempo increases at the new tempo mark as I expect, but only the primo 
part swings.  The secundo part does not swing as it should.  Since there are 
off-beat jabs (8th rest followed by dotted quarter) in both the primo and 
secundo part, they should sound at the same time however, the sound is sort of 
like a gliss.  One of the parts is sounding slightly before the other.  I 
believe it may be that the primo part is sounding at the time it should in 
swing but the secundo part doesn’t seem to recognize the swing designation and 
consequently comes in sooner than its primo counterpart.  (At least thats my 
thought - after eliminating everything else I can think of related to human 

2:  The other thing is that I can’t seem to get the swing to stop at the 
appropriate spot near the end of the song.  I’ve designated “No Swing” in the 
score and set the playback for the new designation with the appropriate tempo.  
I thought the new tempo set for the “No Swing” mark should negate the earlier 
swing designation.

I have tried to open the file under v2014.5 but it does no good.  I also tried 
taking out the swing designation from the tempo change - just leaving the 
actual tempo change in place and then set the swing in the playback control 
window.  Now the tempo still changes but no swing and the jabs are right on the 

Does anyone have a suggestion?  What am I missing?

Nick Raspa

NJR Music
(954) 529-1838

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