Hi Folks,

I’m writing to see if anyone is having trouble in Finale 25 (Mac) setting up a 
score using handwritten font.
Using the setup wizard, my process is to select “handwritten” (using the 
default Broadway copyist font), and then pick either a single staff or an 
ensemble. No other elements (e.g. key sig) are controlled, so they shouldn’t be 
a factor in this.

With (e.g.) a single staff or a brass quintet, Finale creates a score in 
portrait mode that for a brief moment (just a fraction of a second) look 
normal, and then all the bars get crushed on to one or two systems that appears 
to be about 10% of normal size; if there is more than one system, there is a 
very large space between them – the second system appears at the bottom of the 
page. With other ensembles (e.g. woodwind trio), the sizing is normal and the 
score appears as expected.
This behaviour is relatively consistent on one computer, but not on another.

Setting up the page in landscape mode and then using the page layout tool to 
switch to portrait mode works to set up a score with normal sizes. I wonder if 
anyone has come up with other workarounds if they have seen this problem?

Geoff Whittall

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