I ‘ve been away from finale for a bit. Trying to play in some Bb trumpet and Eb 
alto sax parts.
I have a foggy memory where I could play - Hyperscribe’ on my keyboard in 
concert key, Hear the trumpet in concert key
and then the trumpet part would appear with the proper transposition.

I play in a piano part in C,
While I’m adding hyper scribe trumpet in another staff I hear the trumpet up a 
step but the piano in concert.
There must be a more pleasing way of recording.
Help Please.


I don’t think i want to use:
Choose Document > Display in Concert Pitch

I’ve tried this:
Choose Window > ScoreManager and click the staff you want to change.
Choose Transposition > Other. The Staff Transpositions dialog box 
Specify the desired transposition.

Standard horn transpositions <>Standard horn transpositions

Any ideas what could be going wrong?

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