It is with great sorrow that I relate, Glen Daum: composer, arranger and 
performer, winner of two Emmys for his music composition contributions to 
Sesame Street, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Mighty Mouse, news program themes 
among others, died last night at his Turtle Bay, Manhattan apartment at the age 
of 78. 

A quintessential New Yorker (originally from Centralia, Illinois), Glen chose a 
life immersed in music. When not working on commercial projects he enjoyed 
listening, unbiased to many genres and was delighted on those rare occasions 
when chords, voicings and ideas measured up to his octatonic sensibilities. His 
music reflected an innate and highly honed sense of “Fantasia”-his own 
inspiration came from the works of Maurice Ravel, Richard Strauss, Eric 
Korngold, Hugo Friedhofer, and John Williams. He imparted discipline and 
inspired musicians at all levels. More than one professional sought him out for 
a pointedly honest performance critique. A daunting figure at the podium, he 
quickly conjured musicality and ensemble balance with diplomacy, humor and 
bottomless in-depth anecdotes.

He was a great follower of the Finale forum although not one to post 
frequently. A titan of uncompromising standards, his like is no more to be 
found. Fortunately he leaves behind two equally talented and creatively driven 
children: a daughter Meghan and son Evan. Together we grieve for our loss as 
well as for the increasingly diminished sphere of contemporary music

Anne Erickson,  musician and acolyte
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