use a composite time signature of 1+9/32 showing alternate 5/16.

if you use a 32nd on the 1st beat, do the same thing but at the /64 level.

> That will only give you 5 separate 16th notes.
> Normally you would use the Composite Time Sig, but for 5/16th it doesn’t 
> quite work.
> Normally you would type 1 in the top and then click EDU and type the added 
> value of 5 16th notes = 1280
> But that doesn’t seem to work.

EDU can only be used for "single-symbol" durations and their dotted and 
double-dotted versions (1/32, 3/16, 7/32).  anything that needs to be tied 
(5/16, 9/anything) can't be represented as EDUs.

> Workaround is to just have a regular 5/16 time signature and after you have 
> input the music, highlight the section and under Utilities select 
> Rebeam-Rebeam to Time Signature. Then enter the value of a half note 
> (something bigger than 5 16th notes). That should give you what you want.

> >> Is there a way to set the time signature to 5/16 while grouping the five 
> >> sixteenths under the same beam, within the Time Signature Tool? Looks like 
> >> I’m missing something.
> >> 
> >> Giovanni

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