need help with a solution to nasty (default) behaviour.

(F25) bajillions of 8th notes in various beaming groupings (beams and stems) i 
set up several patterns for it, but when copying these patterns to non-whole 
measures starting on different positions within the (constantly changing) meter 
and the beaming reverts to the defaults set in the time sig for the measure. 
i've tried patterson mass copy with limited results, and the way these are set 
up and because the patterns change constantly it is better to rebeam manually.

as an example (full measure copying works), in the attached pdf the selected 3 
beats in snare 5 are the pattern i pasted -- the result before pasting was 
identical to the previous measure.

mostly i paste with "show active layer only", and some of these work but once 
an interlocking pattern is copied into remaining (empty) beats in the measure 
the stuff goes wacky.

please tell me there is something i am overlooking... i have done 15 pp and 
have another 60 to go :-/

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