Dear listers,
Hope someone can help. Finale Mac 25.5. Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6)

This morning, when I launch any Finale file, including a new one, I get a 
spinning ball, then am told that the audio engine didn’t load. I’m instructed 
to restart Finale. Same thing happens. Everything except audio is fine (I 

I tried redownloading Finale 25.5 from the MakeMusic website. Then reinstalling 
everything, including Garritan. When launching, same thing happens.

Any ideas? Any place I might turn to for help?

This has never happened before to me. I’ve been using 25.5 for a good while. I 
haven’t done any system updates — though I did recently update Java (could that 
be related?).

Other possibly unrelated thing: the file I opened when this first happened now 
shows a 1969 creation date. The other files I opened to check to see if it was 
a problem specific to one file don’t show this.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

David Froom
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