I don't normally post information about the Patterson Plugins Collection
here, but in this case I want to let the list know about a feature that I
added as a direct result of discussion here. In a thread from a few months
ago there was discussion of the need for different spacing in score and

The Collection includes a relatively new plugin called Note Spacing. This
plugin allows you to list different spacing options per region of the
document. I have just released a new version that allows you to create
multiple lists and assign one list to the score and others to as many parts
as you wish. This directly addresses the need for different settings for

Personally, I never directly invoke note spacing any more. (And I certainly
never enable Automatic Music Spacing.) I instead have the Note Spacing
plugin keyed to a keyboard macro with the default set not to open the
dialog box. I can then optionally open the dialog box to set up different
spacing options per region and per score/part.

For anyone interested in how the plugin works, it does so by invoking the
Finale Note Spacing menu option in chunks. First it changes the document's
music spacing options to whatever is in the list, then it selects the
applicable region, then invokes Finale's menu option. It repeats this
process until the end of the selected region and then restores the original
music spacing options and the original selected region. This approach
allows the plugin to space music exactly like Finale would because it does
not actually have to replicate the actual spacing logic.

Even if it is my own creation, I have to say this plugin works even more
seamlessly than I thought it would. If you start using it, you'll never go
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