On 11/8/2018 3:25 AM, Giovanni Andreani wrote:
Is there any way to have the same text box - created within the Text Tool - 
showing in different pages? I set a title in page 2 in the score which 
displayed in page 2 in the linked parts as well)  and moved it to page 3 from a 
linked part and then realised it had moved to that page from the score as well. 
Probably missing something.

You don't say which version of Finale you're using so the actual steps to get it to act as you wish might be different.

In Finale26 when you select the Text tool, in the Text menu are two options: "Assign New Text To Measure" and "Assign New Text To Page." the second one is set by default and text boxes act as you have found. If you click on "Assign New Text To Measure" then any new text box will be assigned to that specific measure, and whichever page that measure appears on (most likely different in score and parts and possibly even different pages from part to part) is where that text box will appear.

I know text boxes could be assigned to page or to measure in previous versions also but Fin26 is what I currently have installed, so if you're using an earlier version you might need to go searching in the user manual or check out the different menu listings for the Text menu.

For text blocks you've already entered if you right click on the handle for one of them and then select "Edit Frame Attributes" you can change the setting from Page to Measure. So be sure it's where you want it when you do that. Probably doing that in the score would be best, once you've put the text box back where you want it.

David H. Bailey
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