Thanks to Robert Patterson for the quick help.  Thanks also to Raymond Horton 
for the printer-computer advice and warning.  Your memory is correct, I bought 
a Ricoh printer years ago (Aficio AP600N) and still use it.  For printing 
scores 2-up on 11 X 17, I feed the sheets one-at-a time and plan the printing 
order with pencil and paper.  I don't do enough printing to wear out a printer.


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Subject: [Finale] Ricoh AP 2610 printer and Windows 10

Dalvin, I seem to recall that you were one of several on the list who got the 
RICOH ap2610 large format printer years ago.

I am glad to see you are using Windows 7. I would say don't upgrade to Windows 
10 with that printer.

I have been using it with Windows 10 for quite some time, but when I had to 
have the hard disk wiped and reinstalled, Microsoft did some kind of update to 
a new version of Windows 10, and the printer will no longer work with that 
computer!  I have to transfer documents to an older computer and print from it, 
a real pain in the neck!
Such is progress?

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On Sat, Nov 24, 2018, 10:26 AM Dalvin Boone <

> Windows 7, newest Finale:  My method to get rid of extra pages in 
> parts - a page with one or two systems, for example - is by going to 
> page layout, systems, edit systems.  On the first page, or a last 
> page, I can click on "distance between systems" and enter "0" and 
> expect the systems to move closer together and provide room for one or 
> two systems on subsequent pages to move up to a previous page.  When I 
> get the number of systems on all pages that I want, I can check "space 
> systems evenly" and "keep same number of systems on pages."
> Now, with the new Finale, if I select systems (staves) 2 through 8, 
> for example, and choose "0" distance between staves or choose to 
> reduce the distance below staves, the staves/systems spread very far 
> apart (instead of moving closer together).  Is this a new bug, or am I 
> missing something?
> Also, I thought the new Finale would automatically stack expressions, 
> dynamic markings and smart shapes and avoid collisions.  This 
> certainly does not happen in generated parts.  Did I misunderstand the 
> advertising?
> Dalvin Boone
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