On 1/17/2019 4:52 AM, Giovanni Andreani wrote:
Hello, I’m trying to set up a repeat with up to a third ending but got muddled 
setting the playback. Any clues?

I think the way you solve your problem depends on which version of Finale you're using.

With Finale 2014 or 25 and 26 this is the procedure:

When you place the repeat sign, set it to to "play section 3 times."

Whan you place the 1, 2 ending bracket, edit the ending to place the numbers 1, 2 inside the bracket, then set the Target to be a measure #, and set that for the measure number of the start of the 3rd ending. Check the box "Skip Ending if Ignoring Repeats."

With older versions I think the settings were a bit more complicated. I think I remember that I had to set the repeat sign to "always jump" and set the target to measure 1. If you want only a smaller section repeated, then you have to set the target measure to be the number of the first measure of the repeat section.

In older versions (I just checked with 2003), when you define the repeat sign, you had to set the total passes to how many times you wanted the section to repeat as well as the target measure number to jump back to. For the ending bracket, in the definition box which opens up when you place it, enter the target measure number (i.e. the first number of the 3rd ending) and then click the check box "Multiple . . ." and in the dialog that opens up, place 2 in the first box and 1 in the 2nd box.

That should give you what you want. For the versions between 2003 and 2014, or earlier than 2003, you may have to start with the information I've just given you and work from there to figure out the solution.

Good luck!

David H. Bailey
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