On 1/26/2019 2:42 PM, Howey, Henry wrote:
I have both. They make files that are just files. It’s a strength to some, to 
me a deal breaker.

Finale means that once the notes are entered, I can use them in a variety of 

Henry Howey
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I'm confused -- finale just makes files also. All three notation products produce their own proprietary format, they can produce midi files and they can produce MusicXML files and they can export their notation as graphic files.

I don't see how Finale files are any more versatile, or how Sibelius and Dorico files are any less versatile than Finale files.

The one edge that Finale has (and I consider it only a very tiny edge) is that it can produce SmartMusic files. Since I don't use SmartMusic and I am not producing files for others to use with SmartMusic, it's a meaningless tiny edge to me.

But then maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean, which wouldn't surprise me.

David H. Bailey
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