Highly recommended course offered by FLPCI co-founder, Steve Gabriel,
author of "Farming the Woods" and an upcoming book on Silvopasture. Taught
on the demonstration farm run by Steve and Elizabeth Gabriel.


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*News from the Woods – Mushroom Edition!*

*a monthly digest of resources, events, and people in forestry &
agroforestry *

*August 2017*


This month, we are ALL about mushrooms. It’s been an incredible year of
abundance in Central NY, with mushrooms popping like crazy, both on our
farm and in the woods.

Our instagram account is full of pictures of what we’ve found lately:

We are excited to share what we know during our annual *Fungi Cultivation
and Foraging Short Course* coming up *September 15 – 17*. Join us for
mushroom forays into the woods, local farm lunches, and lots of hands-on
inoculation*. *We will be joined by Olga Tzogas from Smugtown Mushrooms

*Sign up before August 11 and save $50, and bring a fungal friend for an
additional $50 savings.*

We link to some free resources on all things mushroom below, as well as
offer more information on the class.

For the trees (and the fungi),

Steve & Elizabeth




Read our *free articles* on medicinal mushrooms, drying mushrooms in the
sun to increase vitamin D, and safe approaches to foraging in the woods:

*Download factsheets and watch videos* on many methods for mushroom
cultivation at http://cornellmushrooms.org/factsheets, a resource that
Steve has been curating for many years in his work for the cooperative
extension network.

Visit the *best online resource* to help you identify wild mushrooms:

Nothing replaces learning mushrooms from people, in the flesh. Read on for
more information on our upcoming workshop…


*Upcoming Events*


*Fungi Cultivation & Foraging Short Course*

September 15 - 17

…in the beautiful woods of the Finger Lakes Region of New York

Explore the wondrous world of fungi and learn how to grow and forage
mushrooms with *Farming the Woods* co-author Steve Gabriel and Olga Tzogas
of Smugtown Mushrooms.

During this 3-day intensive course participants will identify wild
mushrooms and learn tree ID and forest ecology, inoculate logs, straw, and
grain, learn low-tech propagation techniques, and of course, cook and eat

Participants will build their skills in mushroom identification,
cultivation, and propagation and leave the course equipped with the
knowledge and tools.

Topics Covered:

·      Lifecycle of Fungi

·      Ecology; where to find mushrooms in the woods

·      Safe and ethical wild mushroom harvesting

·      Shiitake and others on logs, stumps, and woodchips

·      Oyster on straw, coffee grounds, and sawdust

·      Making your own mushrooms medicine

·      Low-Tech methods to propagate and grow


$300 includes local farm lunch each day, lots of fungal goodies to take
home, and free access to our online course


SIGN UP BY AUGUST 11 and receive $50 off

Sign up along with a fungal friend and save $50 each.

$30 to camp onsite, or stay in our yurt on the farm.


*Quote of the Month:*


“On the subject of wild mushrooms, it is easy to tell who is an expert and
who is not: The expert is the one who is still alive.

Donal Henahan


“News from the Woods” is brought to you by:

*Wellspring Forest Farm & School*

*leaving forests in our footsteps*

Steve & Elizabeth Gabriel

Mecklenburg, NY



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