I've been working on eating locally, and one thing that's proven 
frustrating is grain.

I can get grain locally - Cayuga Pure Organics even had hard wheat grown 
in Dryden.  I have a little mill for making flour and flaking grain, and 
that's all gone well.

So far, though, it seems like my choice of grains is limited to grains 
without hulls - which means no barley or spelt, and only certain kinds 
of relatively hard-to-get oats.  (Hulled grains are readily available, 
but as livestock feed.)

Grain hullers (and rice polishers) seem to come only as large devices 
with 5HP motors, unlike mills, which can easily fit on a tabletop.  I 
did find this design for retrofitting a mill:


But I'm not finding a whole lot more.

It seems like small-scale hullers would be a reasonable follow-up to 
milling your own grain, and make it a lot easier to work with a lot of 
tasty grains, but apparently I'm one of a few strange people here who 
wants to do this.

Is anyone around here hulling grains?  Or have ideas on it?

Simon St.Laurent
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