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sync. w/ 10.!4/stable, validated on powerpc-darwin8

--- NEW FILE: vala0.18.info ---
Package: vala0.18
Version: 0.17.7
Revision: 1
Depends: %N-shlibs (= %v-%r)
BuildDepends: glib2-dev (>= 2.18.4-4), libgettext8-dev (>= 0.14.5-2), 
libiconv-dev (>= 1.12-3), libxslt-bin, pkgconfig (>= 0.9.0-1), 
fink-package-precedence, fink (>=0.30), xz
BuildDependsOnly: true
NoSourceDirectory: true
Conflicts: vala
Replaces: vala
Source: mirror:gnome:sources/vala/0.17/vala-%v.tar.xz
Source-MD5: 00e2a7e3676c7e7c708c3958c9ac1f1e 
# SetCFLAGS: -Os
ConfigureParams: --mandir=%p/share/man --enable-dependency-tracking 
CompileScript: <<
  #!/bin/sh -ev
  xz -dc vala-%v.tar.xz | tar xvf -
  cd vala-%v
  fink-package-precedence .
InstallScript: cd vala-%v && make install DESTDIR=%d
DocFiles: vala-%v/AUTHORS vala-%v/COPYING vala-%v/ChangeLog* vala-%v/NEWS 
vala-%v/README vala-%v/THANKS
Splitoff: <<
  Package: %N-shlibs
  Depends: glib2-shlibs (>= 2.18.4-4), libgettext8-shlibs (>= 0.14.5-2), 
libiconv (>= 1.12-3)
  Files: <<
  Shlibs: <<
    %p/lib/libvala-0.18.0.dylib 1.0.0 %n (>= 0.17.7-1)
  DocFiles: vala-%v/COPYING
License: LGPL
Homepage: http://live.gnome.org/Vala
Maintainer: Jack Fink <jackf...@users.sourceforge.net>
Description: Compiler for the GObject type system

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