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 <news lang="en">
+       <date>2006-08-19</date>
+       <headline>Server down; workarounds available</headline>
+       <body>
+       <p> 
+The server which hosts four important
+fink services (the rsync update, the binary distribution, the "master mirror" 
+of source files, and the package database) is down at the moment.  We are
+hoping that the server will be restored as early as Monday, August 21,
+but are providing these workarounds for use during the period of outage.
+To update fink, you must either select an rsync mirror other than the
+primary one (see the next paragraph), or use the command
+<code>fink selfupdate-cvs</code>.  You only need to give this command
+once; subsequent updates will continue to be performed using CVS.
+When the server is restored, you can revert to rsync updating by means
+of the command <code>fink selfupdate-rsync</code>.
+To work around the lack of the binary distribution, and the "master mirror"
+of source files, run the command <code>fink configure</code>.  You should
+accept the default answers to all of the questions, except the following:
+when asked "Should Fink try to download pre-compiled packages from 
+the binary distribution if available?" answer "no" (to disable the binary
+distribution); when asked if you want to change the mirror settings,
+answer "yes", and then you will be asked "What mirror order should fink use 
+when downloading sources?".  The answer is "2: Search Master Mirrors last"
+(to disable the automatic attempts to use the master mirror server).
+Finally, if you have decided to stick with rsync for updates, when asked to
+"Choose a mirror for 'RSync SelfUpdate'" you should choose one other than
+rsync://master.us.finkmirrors.net/finkinfo/.  Unfortunately, other choices
+might not be available to you if you are in the U.S.
+Finally, to use the package database during the outage, you can connect
+to <link url="http://lists.finkproject.org/pdb";>this backup copy of the
+package database</link> which is a few weeks out of date.
+               </body>
+       </newsitem>
                <headline>Reminder: "10.4-transitional" Tree Unsupported on 
August 1st, 2006</headline>

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