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Svk 1.08 now ported to the 10.4 tree

--- NEW FILE: svk.info ---
Package: svk
Version: 1.08
Revision: 1
Type: bundle
Description: Decentralized version control system
Maintainer: Christian Schaffner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

# Dependencies:
Depends: svk-pm586-bin | svk-pm584-bin | svk-pm581-bin

# Additional Data:
DescDetail: <<
SVK is a decentralized version control system based on Subversion (svn).
Subversion aims to take over the CVS user base, while svk attempts to
take over the others - including people who already switched to other scm, and
people who had not started using scm. It is written in Perl and is using
subversion's underlying filesystem. For more information plase see the web site
at http://svk.elixus.org/
DescUsage: <<

Mirrored path states incompatible with SVK version < 0.18.
run svk mirror --upgrade // (and other depots if you have).

DescPackaging: <<
The default compile script couldn't be used since 'ulimit -n 9999' had to
be set. Otherwise the tests would fail with an 'Too many open files' error.
Homepage: http://svk.elixus.org/

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