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        vrcon.info vrcon.patch 
Log Message:
New package from tracker # 1455513

--- NEW FILE: vrcon.info ---
Package: vrcon
Version: 0.99
Revision: 1
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.vrcon.com/
Description: Curses-based rcon util for gameserver admins
DescDetail: <<
Vaughantech's Vrcon is a Curses-based rcon (remote console) utility
for the Linux/Unix console that allows admins to quickly administer
game servers. It lets them view players, ban/kick players, change
maps, view logs in real time, and more. Drop me an email with your
problems and/or successes with Vrcon.

Supported Games:

CS:Source and Half-life 2 DM
Half-Life and MODS 
Medal of Honor and expansions
BattleField 1942 and expansions
Quake 3 Arena and MODS

Written by Sam "Jack Bauer" Vaughan.
Source: http://www.vrcon.com/%n-099.tgz
Source-MD5: ef6e229e8c867de8e650bfef17dbc3f8
SourceDirectory: %n
Patch: %n.patch
BuildDepends: libncurses5
Depends: libncurses5-shlibs
CompileScript: make LIBS='-lcurses -prebind -L%p/lib'
InstallScript: make install INSTALL_PREFIX=%i
DocFiles: COPYING Changelog doc/vlog_man.html doc/vrcon_man.html README
Maintainer: Carsten Klapp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
DescPackaging: Patched Makefile for man dirs & permission bits.
DescPort: <<
- Use Fink's ncurses instead of 10.4's included libncurses.
- Finally compiles with prebinding on 10.4, thanks to:
  (Without SetMACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET: 10.3 it compiles fine on 10.4
  but without prebinding.)
- Probably compiles just fine on any Mac OS X/Darwin, really only
  requires curses.
DescUsage: <<
cp %p/share/doc/vrcon/vrcon_sample_config ~/.vrcon
man vrcon
man vlog

--- NEW FILE: vrcon.patch ---
--- ./Makefile-orig     2004-12-19 16:12:46.000000000 -0500
+++ ./Makefile  2006-03-21 01:47:34.000000000 -0500
@@ -66,12 +66,12 @@
        ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/bin
-       ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/man
-       ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/man/man1
-       ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/vrcon
+       ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/man
+       ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/man/man1
+       ${INSTALL} -d  $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/doc/vrcon
        ${INSTALL} -c -s -b $(VLOG_EXE) $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/bin
        ${INSTALL} -c -s  -b $(VRCON_EXE) $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/bin
-       ${INSTALL} -c -b vrcon.1 $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/man/man1
-       ${INSTALL} -c -b vlog.1 $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/man/man1
-       ${INSTALL} -c -b vrcon_sample_config $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/vrcon
+       ${INSTALL} -c -b -m 644 vrcon.1 $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/man/man1
+       ${INSTALL} -c -b -m 644 vlog.1 $(INSTALL_PREFIX)/share/man/man1
+       ${INSTALL} -c -b -m 644 vrcon_sample_config 

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