Author: ranger
Date: Wed Nov 15 18:57:26 2006
New Revision: 478

added kdewebdev

    trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev.pmproj   (with props)
    trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev/root/   (with props)

Modified: trunk/kde-mac/Makefile
--- trunk/kde-mac/Makefile (original)
+++ trunk/kde-mac/Makefile Wed Nov 15 18:57:26 2006
@@ -2,9 +2,9 @@
-DISABLED := packages/kile-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
-DAILY := packages/kdelibs-$(DATESTAMP).dmg 
packages/kdepimlibs-$(DATESTAMP).dmg packages/kdebase-$(DATESTAMP).dmg 
packages/kdeedu-$(DATESTAMP).dmg packages/kdegames-$(DATESTAMP).dmg 
packages/kdenetwork-$(DATESTAMP).dmg packages/kdepim-$(DATESTAMP).dmg 
packages/koffice-$(DATESTAMP).dmg packages/kdevelop-$(DATESTAMP).dmg 
-EVERYTHING := packages/qt-$(DATESTAMP).dmg 
packages/kdesupport-$(DATESTAMP).dmg $(DAILY)
+DISABLED := packages/kile.dmg
+DAILY := packages/kdelibs.dmg packages/kdepimlibs.dmg packages/kdebase.dmg 
packages/kdeedu.dmg packages/kdegames.dmg packages/kdenetwork.dmg 
packages/kdepim.dmg packages/kdewebdev.dmg packages/koffice.dmg 
packages/kdevelop.dmg packages/kde.mpkg
+EVERYTHING := packages/qt.dmg packages/kdesupport.dmg $(DAILY)
 .PHONY: all daily
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
 packages/everything-$(DATESTAMP).dmg: packages/qt.pkg packages/kdesupport.pkg 
packages/kdelibs.pkg packages/kdepimlibs.pkg packages/kdebase.pkg 
packages/kdeedu.pkg packages/kdegames.pkg packages/kdenetwork.pkg 
packages/kdepim.pkg packages/koffice.pkg packages/kdevelop.pkg packages/kde.mpkg
        @/bin/sh $(PWD)/ "$@" packages/*.pkg packages/*.mpkg
-.PHONY: packages/everything.dmg packages/qt.dmg packages/kdesupport.dmg 
packages/kdelibs.dmg packages/kdepimlibs.dmg packages/kdebase.dmg 
packages/kdeedu.dmg packages/kdegames.dmgpackages/kdenetwork.dmg  
packages/kdepim.dmg packages/koffice.dmg packages/kdevelop.dmg packages/kile.dmg
+.PHONY: packages/everything.dmg packages/qt.dmg packages/kdesupport.dmg 
packages/kdelibs.dmg packages/kdepimlibs.dmg packages/kdebase.dmg 
packages/kdeedu.dmg packages/kdegames.dmgpackages/kdenetwork.dmg 
packages/kdepim.dmg packages/kdewebdev.dmg packages/koffice.dmg 
packages/kdevelop.dmg packages/kile.dmg
 packages/everything.dmg: packages/everything-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/qt.dmg: packages/qt-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/kdesupport.dmg: packages/kdesupport-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
 packages/kdegames.dmg: packages/kdegames-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/kdenetwork.dmg: packages/kdenetwork-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/kdepim.dmg: packages/kdepim-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
+packages/kdewebdev.dmg: packages/kdewebdev-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/koffice.dmg: packages/koffice-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/kdevelop.dmg: packages/kdevelop-$(DATESTAMP).dmg
 packages/kile.dmg: packages/kile-$(DATESTAMP).dmg

Modified: trunk/kde-mac/kde.pmproj
Binary files - no diff available.

Added: trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev.pmproj
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev.pmproj
    svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream

Added: trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev/resources/ReadMe.rtf
--- trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev/resources/ReadMe.rtf (added)
+++ trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev/resources/ReadMe.rtf Wed Nov 15 18:57:26 2006
@@ -1,0 +1,40 @@
+{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset77 LucidaGrande;\f1\fswiss\fcharset77 Helvetica;}
+\f0\fs22 \cf0 This is a collection of tools for web development.\
+This package supports Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC and Intel) and is automatically 
generated from the snapshots created by the Mac OS X dashboard build 
+\f1\fs24 ).
+\f0\fs22 \
+How to report\
+Reporting bugs is an art. Why?  Because bug reports can help and hinder.\
+They hinder if the developers are just buried in an avalanche of bug reports.  
They spend hours figuring out which bug reports are valid and which aren't, 
which bug reports are due to bugs or due to installation problems.\
+They can be of tremendous help to notify developers on problems in areas that 
they normally don't have access (e.g. KDE on AIX) to.\
+So, here are some tips on bug reporting:\
+* Make sure your bug is due to KDE ... and not due to a packaging problem of 
your OS distributor. For example, most "I can not install the XYZ.rpm" problem 
are due to packaging issues. Refer with such questions to your OS Distributor 
and his appropriate mailing list or bug reporting tool.\
+* The chance is high that your bug has already been dealt with ... so look if 
there is a newer version of kdelibs available. Reporting bugs for older, 
deprecated versions usually don't get that much attention :-)\
+* Also the chance is high that another one experienced your problem. The bug 
report wizard at {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt}} will help you to find out if your problem has already 
been reported.\
+* KDE Applications come with a Report Bug option in the Help menu that will 
fill out many of the forms on the bug reporter tool at 
{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt}} for you.\
+* The best bug report for a project based on voluntary work is of course one 
that comes with a patch that solves the problem. :-)\
+More info\
+{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt}} is a good starting point for info on KDE. If you are a 
developer, you may also point your browser to {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK 
""}}{\fldrslt}}.  There is a 
plethora of mailing lists available, you can gain an overview quickly by 
looking at {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt}}.\
+General discussion should go to the KDE mailing list 
({\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]"}}{\fldrslt [EMAIL 

Propchange: trunk/kde-mac/kdewebdev/root/
--- svn:ignore (added)
+++ svn:ignore Wed Nov 15 18:57:26 2006
@@ -1,0 +1,1 @@

Modified: trunk/kde-mac/
--- trunk/kde-mac/ (original)
+++ trunk/kde-mac/ Wed Nov 15 18:57:26 2006
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
-PACKAGES="kdelibs:KDE/kdelibs kdepimlibs:KDE/kdepimlibs kdebase:KDE/kdebase 
kdeedu:KDE/kdeedu kdegames:KDE/kdegames kdenetwork:KDE/kdenetwork 
kdepim:KDE/kdepim koffice:koffice kdevelop:KDE/kdevelop"
+PACKAGES="kdelibs:KDE/kdelibs kdepimlibs:KDE/kdepimlibs kdebase:KDE/kdebase 
kdeedu:KDE/kdeedu kdegames:KDE/kdegames kdenetwork:KDE/kdenetwork 
kdepim:KDE/kdepim kdewebdev:KDE/kdewebdev koffice:koffice kdevelop:KDE/kdevelop"
 do_help() {

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