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--- NEW FILE: ps2eps.info ---
Package: ps2eps
Version: 1.58
Revision: 1
Description: Convert PostScript to EPS files
License: GPL
Maintainer: Christian Schaffner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

# Dependencies:
Depends: ghostscript | ghostscript-nox

# Unpack Phase:
Source: http://www.tm.uka.de/~bless/ps2eps-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 9ef4c529aff70fb37b2afe3f5bbd66c5
SourceDirectory: %n

# Compile Phase:
CompileScript: <<
 ( cd src/C ; make bbox )

# Install Phase:
DocFiles: Changes.txt INSTALL.txt LICENSE.txt README.txt
InstallScript: <<
 /usr/bin/install -m 755 -d %i/bin
 /usr/bin/install -m 755 bin/ps2eps %i/bin
 /usr/bin/install -m 755 src/C/bbox %i/bin

# Additional Info
DescDetail: <<
ps2eps is a tool (written in Perl) to produce Encapsulated PostScript
Files (EPS/EPSF) from usual one-paged Postscript documents. It
calculates correct Bounding Boxes for those EPS files and  filters some
special postscript command sequences that can produce  erroneous results
on printers. EPS files are often needed for including  (scalable)
graphics of high quality into TeX/LaTeX (or even Word) documents.

Without any argument, ps2eps reads from standard input  and writes to
standard output.  If filenames are given as arguments they are processed
 one by one and output files are written to filenames  with extension
.eps. If input filenames have the extension .ps or .prn, this extension
is replaced with .eps.  In all other cases .eps is appended to the input
filename.  Please note that PostScript files for input should contain 
only one single page (you can possibly use the psselect from the 
psutils package to extract a single page from a document that  contains
multiple pages).

If BoundingBox in output seems to be wrong, please try options --size or
 --ignoreBB. See also section TROUBLESHOOTING.
Homepage: http://www.tm.uka.de/~bless/ps2eps

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