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version for 10.5

--- NEW FILE: polymake-10.5.info ---
Info2: <<
Package: polymake
Version: 2.3
Revision: 1
Distribution: 10.5

Description: Framework for experimental discrete geometry
DescDetail: <<
Polymake is a versatile framework for experimental discrete geometry.
The standard distribution contains tool collections for the algorithmic
treatment of polytopes and polyhedra, polyhedral surfaces,
and finite simplicial complexes.
It offers an unified interface to a wide variety of algorithms
and free software packages from the computational geometry field,
such as convex hull computation or visualization tools.

Polymake is highly adaptable to individual needs.  In particular, it
has a C++/perl interface which allows the user to bind his/her own
algorithms into the common framework.
HomePage: http://www.math.tu-berlin.de/polymake/
Maintainer: Ewgenij Gawrilow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
License: GPL
DescUsage: <<
Refer to the HTML documentation stored under /sw/share/doc/polymake/,
starting with the User's Guide and applications' Tutorials.

Run ``polymake --help'' to get the command line summary.

Source: ftp://ftp.math.tu-berlin.de/pub/combi/polymake/%n-%v.tar.bz2
Source-MD5: 84493d230d54ae551e7c10489d1c107e

Depends: gmp-shlibs (>= 4), %N-pm588 (= %v-%r)
BuildDepends: gcc4.0, gmp (>= 4)
GCC: 4.0
Suggests: gmp (>= 4.0.0-1)
Conflicts: %N-dev (<< 2.2-1)
Replaces: %N-dev (<< 2.2-1)

PatchScript: <<
#!/bin/sh -ev
# HFS volumes with idiotical case-insensitive filenames
# thwart the nauty autoconfiguration
  /usr/bin/perl -i -p -e 's/(_dummy.*?shell)(.*? rm makefile)/$1 mv Makefile 
Makefile.hidden; $2; mv Makefile.hidden Makefile/' \

CompileScript: <<
#!/bin/sh -ev
  rm -f build*/conf.make
  { echo CC=gcc-4.0
    echo CXX=g++-4.0
    echo Cflags="$CPPFLAGS"
    echo CXXflags="$CPPFLAGS"
    echo LDflags="-w $LDFLAGS"
    echo InstallTop=%p/share/%n
    echo InstallArch=%p/lib/%n
    echo InstallDoc=%p/share/doc/%n
    echo InstallLinks=%p/bin
    echo Arch=
    echo ProcessDep=none
  } | make configure PERL=/usr/bin/perl
  make all PERL=/usr/bin/perl

InstallScript: make install install-devel PERL=/usr/bin/perl DESTDIR=%d

ConfFiles: %p/lib/%n/Makefile

SplitOff: <<
  Type: perl (5.8.8)
  Package: %N-pm%type_pkg[perl]
  Description: Polymake components requiring a special perl version
  Depends: system-perl (=%type_raw[perl]-1)
  Files: lib/%N/perlx/%type_raw[perl]
  DocFiles: COPYING

Index: polymake.info
RCS file: /cvsroot/fink/dists/10.4/stable/main/finkinfo/sci/polymake.info,v
retrieving revision 1.1
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -d -r1.1 -r1.2
--- polymake.info       14 Feb 2007 22:29:57 -0000      1.1
+++ polymake.info       3 Aug 2007 15:26:55 -0000       1.2
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
 Package: polymake
 Version: 2.3
 Revision: 1
+Distribution: 10.3, 10.4
 Description: Framework for experimental discrete geometry
 DescDetail: <<

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