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Two years in unstable is stable enough

--- NEW FILE: tex4ht.info ---
Package: tex4ht
Version: 20050816
Revision: 2
Depends: ghostscript | ghostscript-nox, tetex-base, imagemagick (>= 5.4.5-2)
BuildDepends: libjpeg, libpng3, libtiff, libxml2, gdbm, expat, tcltk-dev, 
#Source: http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~gurari/TeX4ht/%n-%v.zip
#SourceRename: %n-%v.tar.gz
Source: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/costabel/%n-%v.tar.gz
SourceDirectory: %n-1.0.2005_08_16_2117
Source2: http://www.latex-project.org/lppl/lppl-1-3a.txt
Source-MD5: 2b7e87c246e94acdd6cafd25e9c2fa75
Source2-MD5: d8418ee9cb69385dac8a7b5cc0181469
Patch: %n.patch
PatchScript: <<
 perl -pi -e '
       ' bin/unix/* texmf/tex/generic/tex4ht/mkht-scripts.4ht 
 perl -pi -e '
       s,^Gconvert zz%%%%4.ps(.*0 ),Gconvert $1zz%%%%4.ps ,g
       ' texmf/tex4ht/base/unix/tex4ht.env
#!/bin/sh -ex
 pushd src
 cc -c $CFLAGS tex4ht.c
 cc -c $CFLAGS t4ht.c
 cc -o tex4ht tex4ht.o $LDFLAGS
 cc -o t4ht t4ht.o $LDFLAGS
 head -n 28 src/t4ht.c > LICENSE
mkdir -p %i/etc/texmf.local/tex/%n
mkdir -p %i/share/%n/bin %i/share/%n/ht-fonts %i/share/doc/%n
mkdir -p %i/bin
cp -p src/*.c temp/*.tex texmf/tex4ht/base/unix/* %i/share/%n/ 
cp -p texmf/tex/generic/tex4ht/*  %i/etc/texmf.local/tex/%n/ 
cp -pR texmf/tex4ht/ht-fonts/* %i/share/%n/ht-fonts/
cp src/t*4ht %i/bin/
cp bin/unix/* %i/share/%n/bin/
cd bin/unix; for HT in ht*; do ln -s %p/share/%n/bin/$HT %i/bin/$HT; done 
DocFiles: LICENSE ../lppl-1-3a.txt
PostInstScript:  if [ -f %p/bin/mktexlsr ]; then %p/bin/mktexlsr 
%p/etc/texmf.local; fi
PostRmScript:    if [ -f %p/bin/mktexlsr ]; then %p/bin/mktexlsr 
%p/etc/texmf.local; fi
Description: TeX to Hypertext translator
DescDetail: <<
TeX4ht is a highly configurable TeX-based authoring system for 
producing hypertext. It interacts with TeX-based applications 
through style files and postprocessors, leaving the processing 
of the source files to the native TeX compiler. Consequently, 
TeX4ht can handle the features of TeX-based systems in general, 
and of the LaTeX and AMS style files in particular. 
DescPort: <<
There are no configure or Makefile scripts. 
Everything has to be done by hand.
This version has KPATHSEA enabled, so searching the texmf hierarchy
should be rather automatic.
The upstream mk4ht script has typos and needs patching.
DescUsage: <<
 The basic usage is "httex texfile.tex" or "htlatex latexfile.tex".
 The htlatex, httex, and httexi scripts convert from LaTeX, TeX, and TeXinfo
 to html.
 Additional conversion scripts can be found in the directory 

 The configuration file %p/share/tex4ht/tex4ht.env can be adapted 
 to your needs. If you want to modify it, place a copy either into 
 your home directory under the name .tex4ht or into 
 your working directory under the name tex4ht.env and modify the copy.
 The order of precedence is 
   ./tex4ht.env -> ~/.tex4ht -> %p/share/tex4ht/tex4ht.env 
License: OSI-Approved
Maintainer: Martin Costabel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Homepage: http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/~gurari/TeX4ht/mn.html

--- NEW FILE: tex4ht.patch ---
--- tex4ht-20050228-3/bin/unix/mk4ht    2005-08-21 17:27:18.000000000 +0200
+++ tex4ht-20050228-3/bin/unix/mk4ht    2005-09-08 10:45:19.000000000 +0200
@@ -32,11 +32,11 @@
  "uxh", "uxhlatex",  "latex",   "xhtml,uni-html4", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
  "uxh", "uxhtex",    "tex",     "xhtml,uni-html4", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
  "uxh", "uxhtexi",   "texi",    "xhtml,uni-html4", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
- "uxh", "uxhtexexec","texexec,  "xhtml,uni-html4", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
+ "uxh", "uxhtexexec","texexec",  "xhtml,uni-html4", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
  "xhm", "xhmlatex", "latex",  "xhtml,mathml", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
  "xhm", "xhmtex",   "tex",    "xhtml,mathml", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
  "xhm", "xhmtexi",  "texi",   "xhtml,mathml", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
- "xhm", "xhmtexexec,"texexec", "xhtml,mathml", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate"
+ "xhm", "xhmtexexec","texexec", "xhtml,mathml", " -cunihtf", "-cvalidate",
  "mz", "mzlatex",   "latex",   "xhtml,mozilla", " -cmozhtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "mz", "mztex",     "tex",     "xhtml,mozilla", " -cmozhtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "mz", "mztexi",    "texi",    "xhtml,mozilla", " -cmozhtf",  "-cvalidate",
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
  "tei",  "teitex",    "tex",     "xhtml,tei",    " -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "tei",  "teitexi",   "texi",    "xhtml,tei",    " -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "tei",  "teitexexec","texexec", "xhtml,tei",    " -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
- "teim", "teimlatex", "latex", " "xhtml,tei-mml"," -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
+ "teim", "teimlatex", "latex",  "xhtml,tei-mml"," -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "teim", "teimtex",   "tex",     "xhtml,tei-mml"," -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "teim", "teimtexi",  "texi",    "xhtml,tei-mml"," -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",
  "teim", "teimtexexec","texexec","xhtml,tei-mml"," -cunihtf",  "-cvalidate",

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