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New version works on Leopard and has QuickLook goodness!

Index: finkinfofile.info
RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.3
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -d -r1.3 -r1.4
--- finkinfofile.info   18 Oct 2007 23:31:46 -0000      1.3
+++ finkinfofile.info   29 Nov 2007 18:39:29 -0000      1.4
@@ -1,13 +1,17 @@
 Package: finkinfofile
-Version: 1.4
+Version: 1.5
 Revision: 1
-Distribution: 10.4
 Description: Spotlight importer for Fink .info files
 DescDetail: <<
-       Run the command "sudo finkinfofile install" to install the importer
+       Run the command "finkinfofile install" to install the importer
        into /Library/Spotlight and begin indexing your .info files.
-       "sudo finkinfofile remove" will uninstall the importer.
+       "finkinfofile remove" will uninstall the importer.
+       finkinfofile will use sudo internally as needed; if you use sudo
+       explicitly on Leopard, indexing will fail because mdimport must be
+       run as a user, not root.
        The following metadata are currently indexed (in addition to
        the plain text content, but searching metadata is faster than content):
@@ -20,13 +24,14 @@
        Version = Epoch:Version-Revision
        1.4: Now recognizes new InfoTest field.
+       1.5: Leopard compatible; alows QuickLook to work on info files.
 License: GPL
 Maintainer: Daniel Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 Homepage: http://homepage.mac.com/danielj7/index.html
 Source: http://homepage.mac.com/danielj7/%n-%v.tar.bz2
-Source-MD5: e435e576ba5d08bd00650849e5bc7386
+Source-MD5: ecbef073c54ce63338c009bc2044f0a7
 CompileScript: <<
        #!/bin/bash -ev

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