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--- NEW FILE: gnuit.info ---
Package: gnuit
Version: 4.9.4
Revision: 1
Description: GNU interactive tools
DescDetail: <<
        gnuit (GNU Interactive Tools) is a set of interactive text-mode tools,
        closely integrated with the shell. It contains an extensible file
        system browser, an ascii/hex file viewer, a process viewer/killer and
        some other related utilities and shell scripts.

        It can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of most of the
        daily tasks such as copying and moving files and directories, invoking
        editors, compressing and uncompressing files, creating and expanding
        archives, compiling programs, sending mail, etc. It looks nice, has
        colors (if the standard ANSI color sequences are supported) and is

        One of the main advantages of gnuit is its flexibility. It is not
        limited to a given set of commands. The configuration file can be
        easily enhanced, allowing the user to add new commands or file
        operations, depending on its needs or preferences.
Homepage: http://www.gnu.org/software/gnuit/
Maintainer: Daniel Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
License: GPL

Source: gnu
Source-MD5: 7f87f5b80b824cdc94de4ca71d7e5201

BuildDepends: libncursesw5
Depends: libncursesw5-shlibs

ConfigureParams: --disable-transition --disable-dependency-tracking

InstallScript: <<
        make install DESTDIR=%d
        /bin/rm -r %i/lib

InfoDocs: gnuit.info


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