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--- NEW FILE: icbm3d.info ---
Package: icbm3d
Version: 0.4
Revision: 2
Source: ftp://ftp.billsgames.com/unix/x/%n/%n.%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: d4316b1c2c4aabad2c2c80f16f00a9e0
Depends: x11, x11-shlibs
BuildDepends: x11-dev
SourceDirectory: %n
PatchScript: perl -pi -e 's,-O2,-Os,;s,[EMAIL PROTECTED])\",,;s,- cp icbm3d 
\$\(INSTALLROOT\)/icbm3d,,' makefile
CompileScript: make PREFIX=/usr/X11R6
InstallScript: <<
        mkdir -p %i/bin
        cp -p icbm3d %i/bin/
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/icbm3d
Maintainer: Jack Fink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Description: "Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D" - 3D game of defense
DescDetail: <<
        Like the original "Missile Command" and its clones, this game
        places  you  in  control  of  Anti-ICBM weapons which you use to
        destroy  an  onslaught of missiles (and other nasties) which are
        dropping onto your nation.
        The game ends when your cities have all  been  destroyed. You
        only   gain   replacement   cities  by  achieving  certain score
        thresholds during each attack (level).
        The main difference between this game and  Missile Command is
        that ICBM3D, as the name  suggests,  provides  a 3D perspective.
        You take advantage of X-Window's  3-button mouse to control your
        firing  sight  ("cross-hair")  in  3-dimensions, and change your

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