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+++ faq.en.xml  19 Jan 2009 22:29:15 -0000      1.92
@@ -714,36 +714,6 @@
         <code>.profile</code>) so that it gets run all of the time.</p>
-    <faqentry name="perl-undefined-symbol">
-      <question>
-        <p>Why do I get a bunch of "dyld: perl undefined symbols" errors when
-        I run Fink commands?</p>
-      </question>
-      <answer>
-        <p>Obsolete</p>
-        <p>If you see an error sequence like the following:</p>
-        <codeblock>dyld: perl Undefined symbols: 
-        <p>then what has probably happened is that you updated Perl to a new
-        version and now <filename>storable-pm</filename> needs to be updated.
-        You should update Fink. During the process you will be prompted to
-        install either <filename>perl-core</filename> or
-        <filename>system-perl</filename>; choose the latter. In addition,
-        <filename>storable-pm</filename> should also get updated.</p>
-        <p>For OS 10.1.x, perform the following commands (you'll need the
-        Developer Tools):</p>
-        <codeblock>sudo mv /sw/lib/perl5/darwin/Storable.pm /tmp 
-sudo mv /sw/lib/perl5/darwin/auto/Storable /tmp 
-fink rebuild storable-pm 
-fink selfupdate-cvs</codeblock>
-      </answer>
-    </faqentry>
     <faqentry name="cant-upgrade">
         <p>I can't seem to update Fink's version.</p>

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