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--- NEW FILE: jswat.info ---
Package: jswat
Version: 4.3
Revision: 1
Type: java(1.6)
Maintainer: Trevor Harmon <tre...@vocaro.com>

BuildDepends: ant-base (>= 1.6.5), junit (>= 3.8.1)
# system-java-dev is required for running the app, not just to build it
Depends: system-java-dev (>= 1.6), netbeans (= 5.5.1-1)
Source: mirror:sourceforge:%n/%n-src-%v.zip
Source-MD5: 69dac4322deb0e059fe2566bd4d68baf

CompileScript: <<
# Remove the nbproject/private folders, which were not supposed to have been 
included in the JSwat 4.3 source distribution
find . -path '*nbproject/private' -prune -exec rm -rf \{\} \;

-Dnetbeans.dest.dir=%p/share/netbeans dist

# Fix directory paths in jswat.conf
PatchScript: perl -pi -e 

InstallScript: <<
# Unpack distribution JAR
mkdir -p %i/share/%n
unzip %n -d %i/share/%n

# Set up link to executables
mkdir %i/bin
ln -s %p/share/jswat/bin/jswat %i/bin
ln -s %p/share/jswat/bin/jpdalaunch %i/bin
chmod +x %i/share/jswat/bin/jswat
chmod +x %i/share/jswat/bin/jpdalaunch
chmod +x %i/share/jswat/platform6/lib/nbexec

# Remove non-Mac executables
rm -f %i/share/jswat/bin/jpdalaunch.cmd
rm -f %i/share/jswat/bin/jswat.exe
rm -f %i/share/jswat/bin/jswatw.exe
rm -f %i/share/jswat/bin/jswat.gif

# Remove doc files (they are taken care of by DocFiles field)
rm -f %i/share/jswat/CREDITS.html
rm -f %i/share/jswat/LICENSE.txt
rm -f %i/share/jswat/README.html
rm -f %i/share/jswat/UsersGuide.html
rm -f %i/share/jswat/style.css

DocFiles: docs/release/*

Description: Graphical Java debugger front-end
DescDetail: <<
JSwat is a standalone, graphical Java debugger front-end, written to use the
JPDA (part of the JDK). It has sophisticated breakpoints, source display, and
expression evaluation, as well as numerous other features.
License: OSI-Approved
Homepage: http://jswat.sourceforge.net/

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