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new package, replaces kemboss

--- NEW FILE: kemboss-qt4.info ---
Info2: <<
Package: kemboss-qt4-%type_pkg[qt]
Version: 0.9
Revision: 2
Type: qt (x11 mac)

Depends: <<
 emboss (>= 6.0.1), 
 qt4-%type_pkg[qt]-gui-shlibs (>= 4.5.1-1)

BuildDepends: <<
 fink (>= 0.29.7-1), 
 qt4-%type_pkg[qt] (>= 4.5.1-1),
 emboss-ajax6-shlibs (>= 6.0.1), 
 emboss-nucleus6-shlibs (>= 6.0.1), 
 emboss-plplot6-shlibs (>= 6.0.1)

Conflicts: kemboss (<= 0.9-1)
Replaces: kemboss (<= 0.9-1)

Source-MD5: 032678440dcbfe4d80e7bf6032dac02a
SourceDirectory: kemboss-%v

PatchScript: perl -pi -e 's,\/usr\/local,%p,g' src/src.pro

CompileScript: <<
 #!/bin/sh -ev
 cd src/
InstallScript: <<
 #!/bin/sh -ev
 cd src/
 INSTALL_ROOT=%d make install
 mv %i/share/kemboss/ %i/share/kemboss-qt4-%type_pkg[qt]

Docfiles: copying copyright install todo versions
Description: Emboss GUI
DescDetail: <<
  kemboss is a graphical user interface for the sequence 
  analysis package EMBOSS. It is a replacement for the outdated
  fink package emboss-kaptain.

DescUsage: <<
  When you run kemboss for the first time, the program will try to find
  the EMBOSS binaries and will display a message if it fails to do so.
  If that happens or anything doesn't work as expected, You should first
  check the kemboss settings using the configuration dialog.

License: GPL
Maintainer: Koen van der Drift <drift...@users.sourceforge.net>
Homepage: http://www.tobias-schwarz.net/kemboss.html

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